Fatimah Akinsanya

Legal Assistant


Fatimah Akinsanya, hails from Nigeria, she is a Legal Assistant for Estate Planning, and Immigration Support. She is responsible for filing of immigration forms, corresponding with clients to assist them with filing their respective applications successfully for Immigration and for Estate planning she administers probate and prepare estate planning documents. Her passion for Estate Planning and Immigration is to help families with loved ones preserve their wealth through a comprehensive plan, assist individuals and families live and work with a legal status in the United States.

She has a bachelor’s degree in Law from Crescent University, Nigeria, and practiced law in Nigeria for a year before coming to the United States, she is also a Certified Paralegal with a Paralegal Certification from George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, she worked as a paralegal for more than 2 years in the United States. She is outgoing, fun and a goal getter. This experience has given her a deep appreciation on how great and rewarding it is to help improve the quality of living in the United States.