Headshot Of Olufunke Akinsode

Olufunke Akinsode

Paralegal and Case Manager


Olufunke Akinsode is a member of our team at IvyLaw Office as Paralegal & Case Manager. Her role involves overseeing the case management process to organize and maintain case files, managing the needs for caseload requirements, working with Attorney to establishing and monitoring timeline for cases to ensure completion in a timely manner and with the expectations of clients met, following up with clients on needed documents & assisting clients in compilation of supporting documents. She also doubles to do legal research and prepare various documents on legal issues presented to us by clients for a wholesome resolution.

Olufunke had a Bachelor of Arts in English, and a Master of Law in a jurisdiction outside of the United States before joining us. Her extensive legal practice in advocacy and legal drafting put her on a sharp edge with verbal skills and ability to empathize with clients’ needs to draw out trust for our expertise. She can empathize with the legal issues and needs of our sundry clientele. She plans on continuing legal education to keep sharpening her skills. She is also a certified Notary.

Her positive and encouraging attitude with clients spurs and elicits their trust in our legal prowess, which ultimately gears us to excel in assisting clients who come to us to achieve their goals.

Olufunke is very family oriented. In her free time, she enjoys early morning run in all-weather, reading biographies, writing, spending time with family and friends, cooking and listening to jazz music.