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Whether you have immigration law goals anywhere in the U.S. or an estate planning concern in Maryland, you are welcome to contact IvyLaw Law Office, LLC, in Greenbelt. At this law firm, you will find an attorney and law firm ready to work hard and creatively to discover and pursue the solutions right for your situation.

We advise individuals, families and employers in immigration matters. We represent family members in estate planning and probate cases. We truly care about each client. We stay focused on delivering results that meet each person's particular needs.

Sensible, Efficient Immigration Services Statewide, Nationwide And Worldwide

As an immigrant myself, I, Jumoke Oladapo, have personal experience with immigration processes as well as the training, education and experience necessary to guide people from other countries through complex U.S. immigration law systems. I respect your courage and determination to settle in and become a productive member of the American society.

If I become your lawyer, I am committed to helping you determine the best way forward as you seek to come to the U.S. for family or business reasons or to adjust your status.

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Direction For Your Maryland Estate Planning Issues

No one wants to think of their life ending. However, you and your family are entitled to the peace of mind that comes with estate planning. Regardless of your specific needs, I can help you with the drafting of wills, trusts and other documents.

You can rely on me to attend to every detail of your estate plan.

IvyLaw Law Office, LLC, is on your side. Call us or send an email inquiry to learn how we can help.