Understanding Temporary Protected Status

With the war in the Ukraine, the American media has provided vivid and terrifying pictures of Ukrainian families attempting to flee from the violence of the war. One of the most important programs for refugees seeking asylum from the chaos in Ukraine is the Temporary...

Understanding the naturalization process

If an individual was born outside of the United States and would like to become a U.S. citizen, there are certain steps he or she can take. This is called naturalization and there is helpful information available about the application process. Application process...

Understanding the L1 visa process

Foreign nationals who come to work in the United States from parent companies abroad must go through a complex process for obtaining the proper visa. Maryland has a significant immigrant population, as one in seven residents of the state is an immigrant, and one in...

Who can qualify for a family-based visa?

America’s immigration laws are complex and seemingly always changing. That can make it hard for you to figure out what you need to do to bring your family to the U.S. to be with you. We hope to help you cut through the cloud of uncertainty so that you and your family...

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