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5 ways to prepare for old age

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2023 | Estate Planning, Financial Planning

Aging is an inevitable part of life. Although it may seem like a distant reality, accepting it and planning for it now has benefits. Life is unpredictable, after all. Establishing a contingency plan for the future may provide comfort and security, even if it is still many years away.

Here are some ways to start.

1. Prioritize your health

If you haven’t been prioritizing sleep, maintaining a balanced diet or committing to regular exercise, now might be the perfect time to make a change. Aging causes the body to change, lowering or losing some of its functionality. Establishing healthy habits now may make it easier to maintain them in the future and save you from developing illnesses later on.

2. Review your finances

Take some time to envision your future. Whatever your plans may be, they will likely require some financial planning. Failing to save for retirement in earlier years is a common cause of financial hardship in later life. Additionally, it would be best to consider setting aside funds for living expenses, emergencies and future healthcare needs.

3. Think about your living arrangement options

Certain living arrangements or neighborhoods might not be suitable for older adults, particularly those living alone. Assisted living communities or nursing homes are some options. However, the ultimate decision should be based on your needs and preferences to guarantee your comfort and safety.

4. Create an estate plan

Advance directives and a will are excellent estate planning tools. If you become unable to express your medical care decisions, whether due to illness or injury, having a living will or advance health care directive may help ensure that you receive it.

Furthermore, making a last will and testament might give you more control over what happens to your estate in the event of your death. Without one, state intestacy laws will determine where your assets will go.

5. Talk to your family

Although it may be uncomfortable, talking to your loved ones about end-of-life and incapacity planning is essential. This way, they would better understand and honor your wishes if something were to happen.

While it might seem like the future is a far-off concept that doesn’t require immediate attention, it is still important to take it seriously. Instead of viewing the process of getting ready for old age as something scary or uncomfortable, think of it as an investment in your future well-being.

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