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DACA’s future uncertain, ruling expected soon

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2023 | Immigration And Naturalization

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program gives many young people in America the ability to defer any deportation actions. Unfortunately, those deferrals are temporary.

DACA recipients, or Dreamers, are wondering what will happen to DACA now that a lawsuit has challenged the act yet again. While the Act is being challenged the federal government is not making decisions on existing applications.

States challenging the legality of DACA

Several state attorney generals have joined together to challenge the legality of DACA, and the lawsuit is currently pending a decision from a federal judge.

The judge who received the lawsuit has previously weighed in on DACA and ruled that the act is not legal. But, until he makes a final ruling, DACA’s future is uncertain. Even if the judge rules against DACA, an appeal would be likely.

Does receiving DACA give me citizenship?

As many DACA recipients know, DACA does not provide a clear path to citizenship. It only provides a two-year stay on deportation. There are other pathways to citizenship, like pursuing a green card through marriage or applying for a green card, if you have a family member who is already a citizen.

To provide Dreamers a better pathway to citizenship, congressional action is required.

How DACA recipients contribute

By one estimate, DACA recipients contribute over $1 billion in tax revenues annually. Because DACA recipients can receive work authorization, many recipients contribute to the work force in their communities in varied industries. While the future of DACA is uncertain, the judge is expected to decide the matter in the coming weeks.

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