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Does my social media survive my death?

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2023 | Estate Planning

Social media permeates our lives these days. In fact, most people cannot last an hour without at least checking their social media at least once, even at work. Yet, most of us forget to include it in our estate plans.

If we do not plan for it, what happens to all of our information and photographs is left up to the companies. What happens to them when we die? Does our social media survive our deaths?

Does our social media survive our deaths?

In this Greenbelt, Maryland, blog, we will answer this question as it relates to Facebook, and the answer is a definitive yes.

Unless you elect to have your Facebook page permanently delete upon your death, it will last forever. Upon Facebook’s learning of your death, it will convert to a memorialized Facebook page and remain exactly as it is now, except with the term, “Remembering” next to your name.

What else can happen if I do not plan?

Even if you do not plan for your Facebook page, a friend or family member can request to take over your memorialized Facebook page. If Facebook did not know that you passed, this could be what pushes your page into memorialized status, and if they are approved, then they can curate the page.

You can add this person to your estate plan

Though, you can make this process much easier and faster by designating a friend or family member to be this person. You can also add this information to your estate plan to make sure your executor can let this person know.

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