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Tips on picking the right trustee

Finishing an estate plan is a milestone you should complete as adults, and then, you update it periodically throughout our lives as we progress. One aspect that we add as our estates grow is a trust, and once a trust is added to our estate plans, we need to pick a...

Does my social media survive my death?

Social media permeates our lives these days. In fact, most people cannot last an hour without at least checking their social media at least once, even at work. Yet, most of us forget to include it in our estate plans. If we do not plan for it, what happens to all of...

Why everyone should have a will

It is easy to assume that having a will drafted is something that only wealthy people need to do, but everyone can benefit from having a will. You may believe the purpose of a will is to decide who gets your money or assets after you die. While that is one thing that...

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