IvyLaw Law Office Reviews

"Jumoke represented me in a child custody case, not only did I get everything I was asking for, I was awarded child support as well. She was well versed in the law and demonstrated professionalism. I am very pleased with her services."
-Marcaa Brown

"I came to the office to gather information about establishing a child support case in the state of Maryland. I was frustrated when I came in and expecting to receive the same responses I had gotten from child support enforcement. However, Jumoke was patient, understanding, and provided me with enough information for me to make the best decision possible regarding filing for child support in Maryland."

Ivylaw Law Office, LLC is highly recommended for excellent legal services. The attorneys are very professional and knowledgeable in immigration law. They assisted my company to successfully navigate our employment based immigration matters that got our staff green cards.
-Bridgeway Shipping

"She made me feel at home and very comfortable. She is very pleasant and I got a good legal advice. Thanks."
-Abiodun Adegunle

"Jumoke Oladapo at Ivy Law Office is an Exceptional Lawyer. She is very talented, professional, and pays attention to detail. She seeks the best results for her clients without holding back. I had the privilege to engage her services on two different immigration cases, and both were done in a timely manner and efficiently. And i must say she is very kind. I am grateful for her hard work and guidance through the processes. And I would recommend her time and over."

"Ivylaw law office offers an excellent service with my immigration matter. She was very knowledgeable, easily accessible, she provides honest and useful information and guidance at every stage of the process. She did an outstanding job in getting my case resolved in a record time. I definitely recommend her law firm for anyone and everyone."

"Attorney Jumoke helped me to successfully bring my daughter to the U.S after many years of separation. I applaud her knowledge of immigration law and excellent law practice. She is indeed an amazing five-star attorney. I am proud of her excellent service."
-Mbalu Kamara

"I highly recommend Jumoke Oladapo as an Immigration Attorney because she is very thorough and diligent in her field of work. She knows what to do and is always on task which shows that she knows her job very and she has been in this field for years."
-Eniola Hankins

"I was very impressed with the information I got from her. She was very knowledgeable about the law aspect of my question. I felt at ease to ask all my questions. She offered me ample solutions or ideas. I feel confident approaching my case now. Thanks again for your in-depth knowledge and expertise on family and immigration law. I feel confident retaining her as well as referring her."
-Franklin T.